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au: ruby is a warrior in queen snow’s army; belle is a princess in a neighboring kingdom.

she could never sleep when ruby was away.

it took the sudden absence for her to realize just how much she’d grown used to a warm body next to her at night, longer legs tangling with hers, a steady breath on her neck.

but the call had come, as it always did, and ruby was loyal - to her queen, to her cause, to the armor she donned and the blade she swung. no matter what she told her at night (“i’m yours, only yours”), she was gone in the morning.

belle was no queen, not yet, perhaps not ever - but if only she were, if she were ruby’s queen, she’d forbid her from ever leaving her side.


Cora, dear, I finally got my hands on your first born. I never thought I’d find her, did you? Now I know why. She’s the most powerful sorceress I’ve ever encountered, even more powerful than you. Stunning, in every way.”


once upon a time au →in which the show is dark and gritty and well-acted and well-written with thorough world-building and showrunners who are educated in the source material and it’s magically everything I’ve ever wanted

The Coalition of Queens

Jaimie Alexander as Snow White, Queen of the North
Sophia Myles as Cinderella, The People’s Queen
Annabelle Wallis as Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty
Sophie Turner as Ariel, Princess of Atlantica
Sarah Bolger as Belle, Queen of the South
Indira Varma as Jasmine, Sultana of Agrabah
Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas, Chiefess of Powhatan
Zhang Ziyi as Hua Mulan, Defender of China
Estella Daniels as Tiana, The Frog Princess
Tamsin Egerton as Rapunzel, Princess of Corona
Lily Cole as Merida, Queen of Dun Broch
Emily Rose as Emma Swan, The Lost Princess